The America I Want


We have taken the bait and we’ve become divided as a nation. God help us and heal us because we are weak in our distorted viewpoint.

The America you want is not the America you see, OR the America you want is on the horizon. While one laments, another rejoices. There’s only one common factor here- America.

Perhaps like you, I have been overwhelmed to tears by the grace of God choosing that I would be born in a nation so great as America. Freedom is truly beautiful; freedom is freeing!

And, perhaps like you, I have celebrated with friends who took an oath to become a naturalized citizen of our nation. Freedom is attractive.

Freedom knows no limitations except those which we place upon ourselves. Think about that, because there are legitimate and illegitimate purposes to those limitations.

I don’t hold an unfavorable opinion of you if you voted differently than I did. (You wouldn’t care if I did, anyway. What does my opinion matter? You are not dependent upon man’s approval, and neither am I.)

But let us come to a conclusion… What I value as a Jesus-follower, as the wife of a small business owner, and as a mother of two college students, may not be what you value, and that’s okay. What you value drives your pursuits and support of various institutions, and that’s okay.

Perhaps it’s naive to think that we can still have unity as Americans, but I keep moving toward that goal. Isn’t that the wonderful ideal of this nation? You can think your thoughts and act upon them within the realm of your constitutional rights!

So how do we participate in the democratic process and maintain civility with our neighbors? We definitely make our voices heard– only we direct our voices to the appropriate sources.

First, to God, if you are a person of faith; for He is sovereign over all, yet He also cares for your soul. Everything that affects you spiritually, emotionally, relationally, physically, daily- it all concerns Him, so talk to the Father in heaven about it often.

Secondly, take your political concerns to the source. Within weeks of Obama going to the White House, I went to the website’s correspondence link and shared my thoughts about his proposed entitlements. 4995 words later, I had spoken my peace. (Yes, I remember that total as 5000 was the word limit!)

Call your local, state and federal elected officials concerning issues pertaining to their respective jurisdictions. They want to hear from you. And, if so inspired, run for one of these seats. You have passion, and you have worthy things to bring to the table of governmental leadership.

Let’s do our land a huge favor and stop attacking one another. You will not convince me to change my mind, nor will I convince you. We have decided our positions in accordance with our conscience.

If you’re unhappy with President Trump, I understand. After previous elections I suffered much frustration, shock and sometimes disillusionment. I’ve had grave concerns for the future while watching things go down in other lands and knowing the dark mission was to bring the same terror to our nation. I talked to my kids and told them that when faced with a choice to denounce Christ and be spared or die by sword, God’s grace will carry you into His presence in that moment. Yes, I’m speaking of those kinds of talks based on the reality that we may not all die a natural death. So if you carry concern about what is to come, you’re not alone. Hold on and pray through. There’ll be another election soon.

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