Are You the Agreeable Type?

Batah (Hebrew): to attach oneself, trust, confide in, feel safe, be confident, secure. The basic idea signifies firmness or solidity. Denotes a confident expectation.1

Studying this term today I realize afresh that God is completely confident in me; He’s completely confident in you.

Now before you reject the notion of God’s confidence in mere man, hear me out. When He calls, He equips. The Father equips the called with Himself, and he has a perfect record of success.

Of course, you are lacking in areas; you’re under skilled to do what you have before you to do, but He is with you. You are qualified. Period. He. Is. With. You.

Moses disagreed with God. He heard the call clearly, but he couldn’t understand how he could be the one to lead the Hebrews out of captivity. Moses argued his points of being an exile and a shepherd, not one people would listen to, not certain of Whom he was representing, not believable, slow of speech, and not the best choice. But I love my Father’s point right from the beginning of Moses’ resistance: I will be with you (Exodus 3:12).

This year is a year of change. I’m writing this post to myself. I’m done doubting. If God places it upon my heart, I’m going forth in faith. The results are upon Him. My part is to make agreement with Him. He is more than capable, and He has confident expectation- in Himself. And He is with me.

He is with you, dear child. Just make agreement and move forward.

1 Lexical Aids to the Old Testament. Portions taken from: Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament. Chicago: Moody Bible Institute, 1980.


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