A Fresh Daily Approach

“God, You are a gracious giver.”

Isn’t it truer than any truth? God gives. God demonstrates His love. He always is communicating His nature to us, but we can be distracted by trouble and our needs. We can be stuck in the default mode of complaining.

In an effort to daily discipline my thoughts, I began to journal the things I’m receiving from the Father. These may be tangible, spiritual, relational… In everything I’m recognizing Him as the source. I’m giving Him praise for a life I don’t deserve to live and for the hope that is to come when Jesus returns for His Church.

I’m even hoping that this tactic becomes a conversation hack! So often our exchanges with others are filled with laundry lists of things we do. Nothing wrong with that- I am a goal-oriented person who enjoys checking off the to-do list. But in a renewed sense of identity, I want to focus on the truth that I’m called to be a good receiver.

He gives; I receive. Everything.

So, the next time someone asks, “What have you been up to?” (I’m always at a loss at how to respond- all that I do is unto the Lord), I believe I’ll be more prepared to say, “Currently, I’m practicing my receiving, and this is what my good Father in heaven has given to me today…!”

Benefits of daily disciplining the thoughts to what is being received from the Father:

  • He loves to be acknowledged
  • Overflow of thankfulness
  • Override of the complaining default mode
  • Praise is a weapon
  • Mindful of His nature
  • Continual inheritance of spiritual truths
  • Development of a healthy dependency
  • Growth of expectation in His goodness
  • Influence others to think on and speak about God’s goodness

On this beautiful spring day, I wrote the following entry:

Father, today I’m receiving from you the beauty of nature in bloom, the sweet song of birds, and the constant presence of my pup. In everything You are communicating Your faithfulness to me.


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