Holy Spirit Breathes Vision

I spent the day with dear friends last Friday sharing the Word of God and learning more about the recent launch of Chaverah Magazine. Founding Editor, Dr. Debbie Harper, uses her gift of bringing women together for the benefit of mutual encouragement and giving glory and praise to God the Father for all He is and all He does.


Debbie and Rachel Harper of Chaverah Magazine

Every time I’m with Debbie, I get a morsel to chew on- she is that kind of mentor! She challenged me last week to have a vision now for what Sharing Love and Truth ministry will be when I have departed the earth. “Do you have a ‘hand-off’ strategy?” she asked. That is a savvy business mindset to be thinking now about those who will follow after you, and very few leaders implement it, she said.

I have a mission for my life that far outlives my temporal time on the earth, but I honestly had not given any thought to how that applies to the practical planning of the ministry. It really took me to the core question, do I see the value of the ministry I lead?

Such a deep question landed me on a walk in the woods this morning! Do you know what I mean? It is as though you are called outside where the expanse of God’s creation invites the mind to dream big! Today my walk revealed to me the renewed sense of rhythm. Life is a rhythm, and the best rhythm to be in the midst of is the flow of the Holy Spirit. It is through abiding that we find the rest God offers His children. The wind causing the tree branches to gracefully rise and fall spoke beautiful rhythm to me while I walked. The wave-like flight pattern of a yellow finch declared rhythm… Passing by my husband’s family home caused me to reflect on the cycle of life because now a new family lives there, raising children and carrying on daily without any knowledge of the Beamers who built the home, watched four children grow up, played with grandchildren, loved well, threw parties, laughed, grew old, and departed from this earth. Life is a rhythm.

In an effort to understand my value of the ministry, I had to ask God again for the vision. First comes vision. If I have heard from heaven, then I can run with the revelation given me.

“…Run with perseverance the race marked out for us…” (Hebrews 12:1).

This was a necessary question because I have sensed a shift in recent years, and it causes me to fine tune my speciality and my services, so that I am better able to reach my audience. So I came up with the following flow chart:

VISION leads to VALUE leads to INVESTMENT.

The most exciting thing is seeing the flow chart actually form a circle! It begins with God as the Holy Spirit imparts vision, it flows through my life as I run in faith and exhaust all the heavenly resources entrusted to me as I invest well in the lives of His daughters, and they, in turn, live increasingly abandoned to Jesus with Spirit-infused worshipful lives that unceasingly bring praise to the good Father in heaven.

In the short time this morning that I focused on Debbie’s challenge to me, walked, prayed and reflected, I would say that God supernaturally delivered! This overall season of change indeed produces a greater sense of clarity, and I believe that I am tracking well. At least that is what another mentor says of my process of seeking clear definition of the mission! She also plays a vital role in what will be produced in the coming months, but first I must capture the vision and have a true sense of value.

I’m curious- when you find yourself in a season of redefining mission, how do you process? Do the questions I pose and the process I’m working through resonate with you? Do you work solo through it or in community? I’d love to hear from you!



4 Comments on “Holy Spirit Breathes Vision”

  1. It is one thing to have a vision and another to commit it into the hands of the people that will run with it when we are no longer here. Untill that is achieved, we have only achieved limited success.

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