You vs. a Lackluster Marriage

5 Little Secrets to Enhance Your Relationship

  1. You Can Afford to Invest in Your Marriage. Remember the vow to cherish? To truly treasure the relationship with your spouse, you need to invest in it. Don’t let a lack of funds serve as an excuse. Trust me, when the relationship hasn’t been cherished, one or both spouses amazingly find the needed investment to secure legal representation and seek a divorce. How much more should we scrape and save and spend to bless one another in celebrating the love we have? Go on that date! Get out of town together! Take the second honeymoon!
  2. You Can Table a Discussion for a More Opportune Time. Have a chat now about a trigger word you both agree to use as a means of clarifying that the time to discuss a matter needs to happen later. This is your way of saying, “Yes, we will talk about it, but now I am unable to fully and calmly engage in the conversation.” The key is to not abuse the trigger word and escape all conflict. It’s a matter of respecting the state of your spouse’s heart.
  3. You Can Share Interests. Of course you can have your personal interests, but make it a point to have shared interests. They probably existed in the beginning and served to bring you together. As you grow in your relationship, look for new things to jointly discover. Think about small trips to nearby cities or planned travel to other countries. Take lessons together or do an on-line course. Enjoy regular times of physical fitness and community outreach together. The opportunities to grow and learn are endless! Start exploring your options today!
  4. You Can Share Bank Accounts. You share an address; you share friends; you share extended family and perhaps parenting responsibilities… why would married people keep funds separated? The Bible states that God takes two and makes them one in marriage. Don’t let money divide you. Divorced people split money and assets. You are married and your relationship is built on trust and selfless love. The way you handle money proves it.
  5. You Can Sleep Naked. If you have the family bed thing going on, I hope you have a treehouse or somewhere to escape to so you can have alone time with your spouse! Kids in the bed do not make for a healthy marriage. Sure, a sleeping child beside you is angelic, but a marriage without sex means neglect of physical and emotional needs. The same goes for dogs in the bed. If the person or pet did not hold your hand, look you in the eyes and say, “I do,” then take a stand and say, “You don’t get to sleep here tonight!”

For more help with your marriage, check out The Love Triangle: What Every Couple Needs for a Successful Marriage. 


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