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what defines your steps?

Did you watch Nic Wellenda cross a great expanse of the Grand Canyon on a sky wire last summer? As a viewer of the live telecast, I felt very tense when he began his passage because I knew that the winds would possibly cause a challenge. At one point Wellenda crouched low on the sky […]

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what defines your identity?

The Simplify Series invites us to evaluate core values and goals for living beginning with the question: What defines your identity? According to recent research done by the Barna Group, 62% of women of faith base their identity on their motherhood. 13% of those polled said their identity is found in being a disciple of […]

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simplify series

Imagine a runner whose head is down and lacking focus on the goal. Imagine her body straining to move forward while the weight of a heavy boulder behind her and roped-tied to her shoulders forces her arms to stretch back instead of pumping her body into stride… The runner represents you, and she represents me. […]

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