Even Darkness Is Light to Him

Take heart! Nothing is hidden! Let us give Almighty God praise for His omniscience! We do not fear that evil will overpower, for that which seems to elude justice in our world will indeed have a day of reckoning.

And the same is true for our hearts! Today is the day of salvation, so we ask our Father in heaven to expose any offensive way within us, so that we may deal with it through repentance.

He lovingly reveals that which is hidden in our hearts, not for the purpose of wounding but for cleansing.

“… Jesus Christ, the Righteous One. He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world” (1 John 2:1-2).


Are Gay Marriages Equal?

I’ve been challenged to view gay marriage as equal. In fact, all of us have. It’s a politically charged agenda that already has passed the highest level of scrutiny in America- the Supreme Court of the United States. And, take care if you dare not agree with the Supreme Court’s ruling. Your criminal behavior includes such wrongs as homophobia and bigotry.

While engaged in conversation with a gay woman, I was told I was “hateful” for not accepting her marriage as equal to a marriage between a man and a woman. She viewed my resources used to aid the building of marriage as equally applicable to her relationship. That may be true for many people, but all of my understanding of marriage comes from the designer of marriage. I cannot separate God from marriage, and I cannot separate biblical principles for marriage from helpful advice given to those in marriage. To remove God’s design for marriage, meaning one man and one woman in lawful and God-honoring union, is to take the foundation away from everything I have known and learned over the past forty years, and I would have nothing to stand on.

It’s like me asking the gay woman to produce a child the way my husband and I naturally produce a child in marriage. Have a sexual union resulting in conception, pregnancy, and birth. Of course the gay woman would say she cannot have a child in that manner. She would have to go outside of her relationship to conceive a child through a sexual union.

That is my limitation exactly! To try to do what she thinks I naturally should be able to do, I would have to go outside of my relationship with Jesus Christ and actually betray Him in order to produce agreement with her philosophy. It’s not that I hate or devalue the dear woman and her lover, but I will not deny my Lord for the sake of finding agreement with man.

This is an unpopular post, I understand that even before I click “publish.” But the reality of our day is a presidential candidate seeking election believes religious beliefs have to be changed in order to move society in the direction that she supports. How Clinton plans to change religious conviction, I’m not sure. Government can legislate spiritual lawlessness and find mass compliance, but one thing it cannot do is extinguish the flame of the Holy Spirit within the souls of the redeemed of God in Christ Jesus the Lord!

Does the upcoming presidential election on November 8 have an impact on the protection of the First Amendment? Is Freedom of Religion under assault in the United States? Vote below.

I’m a Christian and I Cannot Support Hillary Clinton

  1.  According to Wikileaks documents of actual emails, Hillary worked in favor of ISIS, an enemy of the State, who currently in the Middle East is committing genocide against Christians, and taking girls at age 9 as child brides for vile men.
  2. Hillary wants to disarm law-abiding citizens who currently have the constitutional right under the Second Amendment to protect themselves, their families and public crowds who come under attack of Islamic terrorists or other crazed killers. Liberty University grants students with concealed weapon permits the right to carry weapons and, if the cause should ever arise, help ward off a mass shooting such as other college campuses suffered in recent years. All American Patriots understand that criminals will get hands on weapons, create bombs, etc., regardless of American law. Hillary’s America will have law-abiding citizens disarmed, and a person with such disinterest in this country’s citizens should not be supported.
  3. Hillary wants hard-working Americans to pay for health insurance for illegal aliens. Obamacare is unethical for Americans who do not want government policy requiring them to compromise their moral conscience, but she amps its thrust and adds to it the term illegal! Why am I paying taxes to benefit those who are not even citizens? Yes, America offers humanitarian relief to non-Americans in times of crisis, but this ridiculous idea means perpetual care for citizens of other nations.
  4. Hillary’s tax increase on middle class business owners will challenge the existence of small businesses (like mine). Small businesses are the number one employer in the United States. We the People have been given by God creative genius to solve problems, and our services and/or products are a way for us to provide for our families and help our communities, country, and world.
  5. Hillary’s economics fall short, including a free college plan, and she has no solution for the economic crisis speared by the immoral national debt. As a nation, we cannot continue reckless spending, and at the same time, create additional economic burdens through more entitlements. Obama’s administration in 2016 will have spent half a billion more than it received in tax revenue. If a single household had  the same upside down finances, it would collapse. America, likewise, is heading toward an economic crisis. Handing down a 19 trillion dollar debt to our children and grandchildren is an unfathomable burden, one that every family  would pay 152,000 dollars to eradicate on top of their current tax responsibility.
  6. Hillary’s personal economics are in great shape although she claimed she and the former president left the White House broke. The wealth they have amassed while she has been a government employee stems from pricey speeches- earnings to the tune of $600,000 for a single appearance! That’s no fault of hers, of course. But what the FBI is investigating is pay-for-play activities between The Clinton Foundation and political favors.
  7. Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted with sensitive material that the President of the United States will interact with 24/7 while in office. The FBI has already proven through their investigation that she kept classified government documents on devices using a personal server rather than the mandated government server. If anyone other than Hillary Clinton is found with the same incriminating evidence, he or she is charged with mishandling of classified information, a federal crime. Not Hillary Clinton. But, not every defendant has access to the Department of Justice like Bill Clinton did just days before Loretta Lynch rendered a decision on the FBI investigation. In an attempt to redeem the FBI’s weak counsel of not finding cause for charges against Hillary Clinton, Director James Comey announced October 28 that the Clinton email scandal investigation is reopened. We the People believe that finally the U.S. Government will come to the same conclusion that we have had since it first investigated Hillary Clinton: SHE IS UNFIT TO SERVE AS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.
  8. Hillary Clinton lied to the American people, saying she did not receive or send classified information on her private email server. FBI Director James Comey said that was untrue. Her response to the findings? “I made a mistake…” No remorse, no apology. James Comey said, “there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.” Hillary Clinton is not trustworthy with American secrets (she even leaked an offensive war tactic during the final presidential debate); she is not trustworthy with the huge privilege of holding the highest office in the land, and she is unrepentant for her dishonesty and possible crimes against the American people.
  9. Hillary Clinton does not respect life. A child whose head remains in the birth canal while the rest of the body is already delivered, is still deserving of death in Hillary Clinton’s America. Are you wondering why the Clinton people are wearing an H lapel pin? To wear an American flag pin would mean you defend life, liberty and justice for all. To wear a Hillary pin means even those seconds away from breathing God’s free oxygen are not safe from being snuffed out by a partial birth abortion law that would cover the land. It is sheer evil, and I will never support any action taken against the most dependent, the most innocent, and the most vulnerable children in our nation. She is not for women, for half of those aborted in this and in any horrific manner of abortion are the female gender, and she certainly is not for children.

Church Growth

Today I find myself asking, how does a church grow? It’s going to be the focus of this weekend’s guest speaker, Duke Matlock, at Warwick Assembly of God in Hampton, Va and I’m very excited!

I do know the answer: a church grows organically. Disciples making disciples. We look for the opportunity to live Jesus before those who are far from God, and, assuming that our gospel is pure (the speaking matches the doing), we are able to lead others to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and His glorious gift of salvation.

I appreciate the way my church’s leadership values Christ-followers from another church seeking a different place to worship. No, they don’t show value to the brother and sister by asking them to transfer their membership to Warwick; they counsel them to take their offense to Jesus, return home to their family, and work through the conflict. Isn’t that love? I mean, let’s face it: we’re human and we hurt one another and we get hurt. The Church should be the standard of teaching Christians to not run from your problems stemming from conflict. Go back home to your spouse. Go back home to your parents. And most certainly, go back home to your church.

Evangelist/missionary Jim Gilbert teaches such wisdom concerning the reason Christians church-shop: “Even if you had ten thousand guardians in Christ, you do not have many fathers…” (1 Cor  4:15).

Discipleship is truly the way we grow our churches. We position ourselves for discipleship, and we seek opportunities to enter into a relationship to disciple another.

What thoughts do you have about your role in church growth?

Donald Trump

When Donald Trump came on the scene, I didn’t give him much attention. He posed as a serious contender for the Republican nominee, but like many, I had little confidence that he could attain it. I remember thanking God in that season for all of the men and women of strong character seeking the chance to run against Hillary Clinton. I actually admired Dr. Ben Carson; he was a stellar candidate in my opinion. The man has an exceptional brain and uses it!

Looking back over the past year, we have to agree with FOX News show host, Bill O’Reilly, who said, “Never have I seen anything like this in politics in all my life.”

Trump already has made this presidential election an unprecedented one.

When Trump won the Republican nomination, leaders of the faith flocked to him, including Dr. Carson. The candidate gave his time freely to Christian men and women who needed to know his stance on critical issues facing the Church in America. He valued their voice, and he valued their prayers for him.

As Trump characteristically calls it like he sees it {read: no political correctness}, he told the Christian leaders that they’ve “gone soft” and allowed the government to get away with too much. And he was right. We’ve been the silent majority for far too long.

There’s been a noticeable shift. As much as Hillary’s camp, including the biased media, try to demonize Trump, he has quite the following. in Florida, he recently told the crowd of multi thousands, “This is a movement! This is our one chance to take back the government. We won’t have this chance in four years; there will be no more America.”

Let me get to the core of why I am an unashamed voter for Donald Trump for President of the United States. He is doing something with his life that is not for the benefit of his life. I heard Trump say again, “I didn’t need to do this. I was doing very well with my business. Very well.”

He cares deeply about America’s future, and so do I. He wants our children and grandchildren to know the greatness of American freedom and the great potential we have as free citizens to dream and achieve dreams. Such a future demands total protection of our constitutional rights and less involvement of government in our daily affairs.

I truly believe that Trump can reverse our pending economic doom speared by the unfathomable national debt. When I envision Trump serving as president, I think of Psalm 69:4, “I am forced to restore what I did not steal.” It will not be an easy task, but I see him being resolute until our country returns to a time of surplus. A sound business mind and a determined team is required for such a feat.

I want America to be restored to the nation deserving of the world’s respect. It’s not a pride thing; it’s the evidence of God’s grace upon this land that supernaturally propelled her to greatness in a short time. Many people of influence fail to recognize our inspiring history, and, honestly, my heart has been injured by the Obamas who have repeatedly spoken against our country. No wonder I endured a season of despondency concerning my outlook for America!

In closing, I say “Thank You, Father in heaven, for gracing our nation with Your promises, Your goodness, and with men and women devoted to honoring You and serving in America’s government. Thank you, Dr. Ben Carson, for inspiring the people of faith to not give up hope. Thank you, Donald Trump, for departing from your thriving business to give all you can toward a future hope of making America great again.”

Hear My Heart About Abortion

Whenever I share posts on my social media like the one above, people suddenly become quiet. I get it: a high percentage of women have had an abortion, and everyone knows someone who has. It’s a delicate issue, and we have to handle with care. But do we have to be silent?

I admire the women in my life who are forthright about a past abortion. They can discuss that season of their life with humility and evidence of spiritual and emotional healing. The women I’m thinking of know Jesus and know that He is their Healer.

Many people in America think that Christians want to condemn women who have had an abortion, but that simply is not true. “… there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ” (Romans 8:1). We want women to know they are loved, accepted, and forgiven when they confess their sins to God. We desire that women have complete freedom in Christ, and that includes no shame connected to a past abortion. Christians understand that humanity is sinful- all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God. There is no one person who is the exception. There is a prescription for our fallen state- Jesus Christ. He took the sin of humanity upon Himself, died on the cross, and resurrected on the third day. His promise to all who believe is full forgiveness of sin, removal of sin’s stain, and eternal life in Him.

When you become a receiver of the free gift of eternal life, you can’t help but breathe life into every circumstance you encounter. Although my nation accepts, legalizes, and even uses tax-payer money to support abortion and abortion providers, I will always stand against that injustice and defend life. I can’t help it. Life lives within me. Everything that I look at through the reality of my Lord Jesus within me sees life and contends for life.

Silence is as much as a killer as those who lay their hands to the work of extracting innocent life from the womb of a mother. Therefore, we who are loved by God lovingly speak in defense of life.

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute” (Proverbs 31:8).

The Coming Storm

My two most distinct dreams of late have both illustrated a theme of the shortness of time. In the dream I had last month, I even said the words, “We are in the eleventh hour.” That is a clear message. The watchmen and women on the wall are sounding the alarm.

That we all have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Earlier this week, my dream included some details that speak well of the season we find ourselves in. First of all, the appearance of children in the dream points to the future hope and future generations. We must protect them and do all within our God-entrusted authority to hand down to them a pathway for life, freedom, worship and prosperity.

Stormy sky with tornado over roadSecondly, there was a storm surrounding the scene where I stood with the children. Lightening strikes were behind me within the storm clouds, but more frighteningly, a tornado was ahead on the horizon. I saw it quickly advancing although no one else seemed to notice. I drew attention to the funnel as it approached, but we did not run for shelter because it suddenly was upon us and moved past us without disturbing our area. I stood and watched dumbfounded as I had never been that close to something so powerfully destructive in all my life.

The tornado element speaks of destruction, danger, judgment and drastic change. The winds of change are upon us, but what will that look like? Will things get better? Is this the beginning of the end?

The children of God reflect the peace of God. He is sovereign over all that He created, and we have no fear of what is ahead. I relate the state of our heart to a personal experience I had eight years ago during the time of my mother’s passing. I remember the day before my mother graduated to heaven because it was a Sunday, and before I went to church, I went outside and prayed. I told the Lord that I merely wanted for Him to overshadow me. I wasn’t going to ask for special prayer that day in my morning class, nor was I going to go to the altar on behalf of my mother. I had an overwhelming peace in knowing that although the path was about to fork, everything was fine. Either my mom was going to go to be with Jesus, or she would experience a miraculous healing on this side of heaven. I knew that there was a special measure of grace in that hour- I had an enhanced awareness of His peace and strength. I knew that I was being propelled into the future with a power not of human origin. I likened it to the sensation of being on a surfboard once I had caught a wave. At that point, all the physical struggle of paddling ended, and all I had to do was to ride the power of the wave.

Friend, I’m not sure what the coming storm is to bring. We may watch it bypass us. There may be a sense of temporal relief, or the landscape may become increasingly dark while the U.S. Constitution is uprooted and shredded. The children of God have a definite role to play in this time of uncertainty: keep eyes fixed on the One who is above the storm. Jesus is eternally King, and we are inheriting a kingdom that cannot be shaken. In addition, keep in mind the following:

  1. Continue to pray for a purity of heart within you, that you will not give in to the enemy’s divisive nor fear- baiting tactics.
  2. Out of the love of God flowing like a river within you, reach out to the captives held in darkness. They are hurting and broken and view life through a very narrow lens of personal experience. Let the expansive heart of God be experienced through your intersecting their lives.
  3. Vote November 8 based on the party platform and how your conscience finds agreement with one or the other. Do not vote based on the personality of the candidate or something that specifically offends you; think more broadly- what will benefit continued freedom for the next generation?