to know Him

In reading the beginning of the book of Ephesians, I find that each verse is power-packed with truth.  I aim to take a moment each day and really ponder the depth of what God is revealing to you and me as we read the timeless script.

This letter is addressed to the saints in Ephesus, the faithful in Christ Jesus.  Do you consider yourself a saint?  Do I count myself among the faithful?  We who believe that Jesus Christ is the Savior are today’s faithful ones upon the earth.  Let us rise to the standard of faithful saints as we endeavor to know more greatly the God who has called us to Himself.

Paul writes, “Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”  Where do these desired attributes come from? Divine grace and divine peace have only one source- the Divine.  And they are meant for us so that our natural lives become defined as supernatural.

Paul takes much effort to explain the grace of God in his writing to the Galatians, and we all need to seek greater understanding on the unmerited favor of God.  Think of an inmate in a prison cell.  Now see yourself as that inmate.  Your crime was discovered and brought before the judicial system in which you were declared guilty and punished to time in jail.

Now consider holy God who desires fellowship with unholy man. How can the two be reconciled when there is sin manifested in one’s attitudes and behaviors?  The sin separates us from God because our darkness has no fellowship with the Light.  We are cast out and kept far away from all that is good; we are incarcerated.  So a payment must be rendered, but scripture declares that the wages of sin is death.

My sin, whether it be pride and arrogance, hatred and jealously or lying and stealing, is deserving of punishment by death.  It seems harsh, right?  But I know that God has placed deep within the psyche of man the ability to understand the needed payment for sin.  In our civilized world, we want all wrongs justified by restitution.  Our governing agencies are in place to ensure that the innocent are acquitted and the guilty are condemned.  But think about the uncivilized cultures.  Do they understand the consequence of wrongdoing?  They most certainly demonstrate the payment of death in the form of retaliation found in violent tribe cultures.  There is also prolific worship involving animal sacrifice in the attempt to appease the gods.

Blood is the price.  Jesus’ was sufficient.  You and I are freed from the payment of our sins if we receive the blood covering of Christ.

How I love the grace of God!  Knowing that I stand before Him justified in His Son fills me with an indescribable peace.  Come before the Father who wipes your slate clean today with the blood of Jesus.  Thank Him for the grace to walk with Him and to enjoy His peace.


My passion is sharing God’s love and truth with others who are trying to live life in their own strength.