100 Day Identity Makeover: Day 42

Day 42 You Are Being Renewed Daily (2 Corinthians 4:16) People embrace a fresh start. New Year’s resolutions are popular because the opportunity to make a positive change speaks hope. If something in your life is not at the standard you desire, you can resolve to take action and improve it. God’s Word gives you […]

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are you praying?

Oh, this is so good! Have you prayed about someone’s heart toward you? One of those change-his-heart prayers and then watched the transformation happen right before your eyes? It is an amazing thing! I have received a phone call within hours of asking the Lord for restored communication with a loved one. I have watched […]

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who are you listening to?

Oh, I get so frustrated with myself! Why is it after-the-fact that I learn this lesson? What may be okay for one Christian family is not necessarily okay for another. There, I said it! In the Beamer home, we have dealt with the conscience-stricken consequences after making peer-influenced decisions regarding media and other involvements.¬†However, on […]

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