Hope Deferred

Beth finished sharing with the ladies gathered at Bible Study about her father’s coming to salvation in Jesus shortly before he passed from this earth. It was a touching story for all of us to hear, but I wasn’t prepared for the full impact that hit me. I sobbed. In the midst of my ugly […]

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Thoughts on Death and Sorrow in the Aftermath of the Paris Attacks

What if you had been in the midst of the chaos that reigned throughout Paris Friday night? Do you think about that? What would you have done? What would have been your thoughts? In the unpredictable world that we live in, I believe we are wise to consider the core of our beliefs. We need […]

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For Darkness Is as Light to You

I made a list today. No, not a grocery list, although that is a dire necessity I must tend to in the next hour! I made a list of childhood injuries- unresolved ones. I say unresolved because even though I should be all healed up after the decades of time that have passed, the truth […]

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