100-Day Identity Makeover: Day 25

Day 25   You Are Led by the Spirit of God (Romans 8:14) Each Identity Makeover post includes a statement clarifying your ownership of the identity trait based on your relationship to God as His child. Day 25, however, switches it up and states that this identity trait- led by the Spirit of God- qualifies […]

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You’re the Salt of the Earth

God says that you’re the salt of the earth, but when was the last time you realized that you left a mark on this world? Did you bring joyous flavor to someone’s life and direct his eyes to God’s kingdom? Did you manifest healing as the Spirit enabled you? Did you counter our culture’s decaying […]

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Be the Change!

Do you want to experience a culture of faith that expects and releases heavenly realities here in the earth? Be the change! A culture of unbelief surrounds you. It may even exist in your home. in your school. in your workplace. in your neighborhood. in your church. in your town or city. Let’s look at […]

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