when life isn’t working

Symptoms: life seems stale, lack of motivation, lost creativity, easily and frequently saddened, fatigue, joint pain, avoiding crowds, quick to complain, critical of friends and family… This, my friend, is the common “dry spirit” diagnosis, but do not worry! It is treatable! Before you ever encountered the first symptom, God already promised to dispense the ultimate […]

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God, who am I to You?

“God, who am I to You?” This is a question I find myself repeating to those with whom I speak concerning their walk with God.  So many are yearning to know direction and purpose.  I believe the starting place for understanding what to do is to know who you are. Something wonderful happens when one […]

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stepping out

Often when I sing and worship along with “I’m Coming Your Way” by Desperation Band, I think of myself in the boat with the disciples on the night Peter stepped out onto the water to meet his Lord.  To calm their fears of a close encounter with a ghost, Jesus assured His friends it was […]

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