100-Day Identity Makeover: Day 26

Day 26 You Are a Son/Daughter of God (Romans 8:14) I almost typed this post in all caps because I feel so passionately about the truth of today’s identity trait. If there is one thing that the believer could grasp from all one hundred identity traits, this one ranks highest! Once a person┬áconfesses Jesus Christ […]

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We Were Worried About Our Finances

When Jon and I stepped out of the boat of dual incomes to start our family, it hardly seemed like an ideal time to reduce our cash flow! But now that our boy was born, I wanted nothing more than to raise him full-time… We didn’t crunch figures nor wait to see if all the […]

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What Do You Believe For?

I believe I am favored of God and set up for success. I believe I see miracles daily. I believe my marriage will last. I believe that I will die satisfied and not of disease. This takes great faith knowing the things that I have seen. But there’s a power greater than sin and darkness, […]

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