FOX News Interviews Mayor Rudy Guiliani About Murdered NYC Police Officers

Yesterday’s interview with NYC former mayor- Rudy Guiliani offers expert counsel concerning the politicized public distrust of police forces. Click here.

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Make a Personalized Journal

Yesterday’s Monday Pulse post featured a Fox News article on the benefit of journaling and one woman’s reach into the lives of sick children using a journal she published. You can read that post here. Today’s Tuesday Try It¬†incorporates the same practice of journaling but with a different perspective- an eternal perspective. God’s Word. If […]

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It is such a commonplace discussion in our day and time, but I am still in disbelief that the following topic is newsworthy for an interview segment on national news television. “Mayor, what inspired you to change the name of your town’s tree from a Holiday Tree to a Christmas Tree?” Really? Is our society […]

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