Donald Trump

When Donald Trump came on the scene, I didn’t give him much attention. He posed as a serious contender for the Republican nominee, but like many, I had little confidence that he could attain it. I remember thanking God in that season for all of the men and women of strong character seeking the chance […]

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The Coming Storm

My two most distinct dreams of late have both illustrated a theme of the shortness of time. In the dream I had last month, I even said the words, “We are in the eleventh hour.” That is a clear message. The watchmen and women on the wall are sounding the alarm. That we all have […]

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The Body of Christ is Critical

Tonight my man and I will speak at a marriage enrichment seminar and talk about the importance of mentorship for couples. But, we’re not just talking about any couple standing in as mentors- the call to resist the enemy by standing firm in the faith requires a God-fearing couple who knows how to pray! How […]

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