What’s Up With Donald Trump?

Are you tired of hearing about real estate mogul and billionaire Donald Trump making a run for president? He’s headlining in the news and not going away as quickly as some might hope. To what do you attribute his appeal? Could it be his business sense or his celebrity status attained through The Apprentice reality […]

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just do what I do

Mentorship is investment in another person’s life with the aim of helping him to grow.  For the Christ -follower, it is the goal to see the one mentored come to a place of recognizing their need of God’s grace and to also mature in their faith.  As the apostle Paul told those he spiritually fathered, […]

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real joy

What was it that attracted the individual or even the masses to Jesus during his few years of earthly ministry?  Why did Levi get up from his tax collection booth and immediately follow the Lord?  Why did crowds follow on foot to the other side of the lake while Jesus and company crossed by boat? […]

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