Pray for Her

Many celebrations enshrouded the weekend for us Beamers: a long-awaited wedding of a dear friend, a baby shower for one I have known since she was a baby, and Father’s Day. In the midst of these joyous occasions, I would often stop and think of the hurting community in Charleston, South Carolina. Today, I am […]

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You Can Put a Dress on a Chihuahua But…

It’s still a Chihuahua, not a child. It’s fun to pretend. Bruce Jenner is pretending. He can declare he is a woman, he can use his wealth to alter his appearance, but his DNA proves the undeniable truth: he is a man. While television and print media use his big reveal as an example of […]

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If You Must Err

This post comes from a place of brokenness, a hurt that is lacking answers and desiring healing. Today is a day of recognizing it’s too late. It’s too late to say, “I love you” one more time. It’s too late for a warm embrace. It’s too late to see a young father’s bright eyes and […]

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