Seeking Good in the Aftermath of Destruction

Wide-scale destruction. Over the course of a week our eyes behold images of the ravaging path of hurricanes, flooding, fires, terrorists… We see so much suffering in our land and in our world. Unity is a virtue that shines brightly in the aftermath of destruction. Being negatively affected together unites us. The force of bonding […]

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There’s Hope!

Jon and I recently visited Yad Vashem and know the impact it can have on the human soul. Grief, sorrow, anger… all are normal emotions visitors encounter as they walk the sacred rooms of the museum. Another welcomed result of the ongoing collection of data from the Holocaust is the sense of hope- hope that […]

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100-Day Identity Makeover: Day 30

Day 30 You Are More Than A Conqueror (Romans 8:37) We easily adhere to the identity of more than conqueror on those days when we feel especially accomplished. Like when we met the weight loss goal or finished a six-month project at work. But what about the days we trod along the rugged path feeling […]

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