Girls Chasing Beauty; Boys Chasing Heroic Strength

Speaking to my church’s youth group a while back, I declared to the young men and women in the room what makes them strong/beautiful. I have a passion for sharing this message because it is so counter-culture to what this world tells them. Propaganda from internet celebrity¬†gossip to most advertising outlets perverts the message of […]

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Eyes That See God

Yesterday’s post dealt with the heart’s purity, and I questioned our choice to see 50 Shades of Grey or ignore it all together. I was inspired to take the challenge one step further: Would you take your children to see the film? You can read my thoughts on the topic¬†here.

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Taking Children to See 50 Shades

Oh, I knew I would get your attention with that title! Hold on for a minute, and I’ll get back to that thought. Although there is much talk about the film 50 Shades of Grey, know that this momma has no intention of taking her children to see it, let alone placing myself before the […]

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