the secret

I’m studying the book of Proverbs currently and love the deposits of wisdom for my thirsty soul.  In my 2013 quest to know Jesus more, I have found this book to be a beautiful complement to my New Testament study of His ministry, parables and miracles. A key scripture from the book of Proverbs is, Above […]

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real joy

What was it that attracted the individual or even the masses to Jesus during his few years of earthly ministry?  Why did Levi get up from his tax collection booth and immediately follow the Lord?  Why did crowds follow on foot to the other side of the lake while Jesus and company crossed by boat? […]

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led by the Spirit

“…because those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God” (Romans 8:14). One of my goals that’s going to keep me running my faith race to the finish is to have the testimony of Christ:  “I only say what my Father is speaking, and I only do what I see my […]

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