faith in action

Are you waiting to see how things will turn out? Are there results that you are waiting on? Are you hoping to see a change in a dire situation? Is a crucial area in your life hanging in the balance? I think most people can identify with the state of “wait and see,” but I […]

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get rid of confusion

Life can be confusing sometimes, can’t it? I know in our household lately we have been looking at changes in the future, and because of the many areas affected, confusion invades my thoughts and emotions. I grow tired of the unresolved issues, because in my carnal nature’s quest for comfort, I want to arrive at […]

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though I walk through the valley

Tragedy strikes again. ┬áTo see the images of destruction in Moore, Oklahoma is to come to grips with just how small we are as humans and how frail our lives really are. Within the hour of the tornado’s wreaking havoc, I tuned in to the live stream telecast of the area’s local news channel and […]

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