Pursuit of Wealth

Wealth makes things happen in the worldly systems; faith is the economy¬†of the kingdom of God. Wealth equates with power in the world; poverty of spirit leads to eternal riches and prominence in the kingdom of heaven. Wealth is security for those who pledge, “In money I trust.” Jesus is complete assurance for the believer […]

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Spirit-anointed….for What?

Think about it: in making disciples {people who commit their lives to Jesus and walk in obedience to Him}, we are raiding the camps of darkness and setting captives free! This is not the work of just a good person who wants to do good things; setting captives free is the work of a Holy […]

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rise to the top

Caution! When you seek promotion and greater influence, understand that with it comes increased responsibility, because if you fall, the potential to take many down with you is there! Why do some rise to the top and then fall? Pride. A confidence in self crowds out the confidence in God that once characterized the same […]

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