God has a heart for the prostitute

What is with all the talk about prostitutes? Between a women’s conference and a Sunday service, I heard many mentions! Mary, a former prostitute, learned of Jesus’ resurrection and became the first evangelist. Rahab, a prostitute in Jericho, was spared along with her family as a reward for hiding the Israelite spies shortly before the […]

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are you praying?

Oh, this is so good! Have you prayed about someone’s heart toward you? One of those change-his-heart prayers and then watched the transformation happen right before your eyes? It is an amazing thing! I have received a phone call within hours of asking the Lord for restored communication with a loved one. I have watched […]

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not so fast

It seems like a good idea. I believe the problem would be solved, so I think I’ll go ahead and do it! Isn’t this how we approach much of our decision-making in life? In addition to the above thoughts, we share our inclinations with others and receive their hearty support… so it must be right! Not […]

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