The Power Circuit

There’s power infusing your mind, emotions, spirit and body! That power source serves as a catalyst for life or destruction. Let’s judge for ourselves, because if we hooked up to the wrong circuit, we have an opportunity to change it. You and I have one of two motivating forces within: either the perfect love of […]

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Why You Should Have a Focus Word

What is a “Focus Word,” you ask? It’s an overarching theme that speaks destiny, and since we are continually being changed from glory to glory, I believe in changing up the focus word yearly. You can pick any word or phrase, but I ask the Father in heaven to reveal one to me (He already […]

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the Bible

Do you value the privilege you have in owning a Bible and knowing how to read it? It is said that our wealth in comparison to much of the world’s economic status can be measured by these two indicators. That is an alarming fact! We have always thought that wealth was defined by a home, […]

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