Let’s Change the Way We Think About the Body

Alright, Weekend Warriors! We’re taking authority today! Did you know that you have authority over your physical nature? Yes, it’s a complex part of creation; yes, its intricacies are still being discovered; however, your body is┬ásubject to your command. For example, does food force its way down your throat, or do you elect what things […]

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Be the Change!

Do you want to experience a culture of faith that expects and releases heavenly realities here in the earth? Be the change! A culture of unbelief surrounds you. It may even exist in your home. in your school. in your workplace. in your neighborhood. in your church. in your town or city. Let’s look at […]

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the bridge

If I told you the bridge is out on the highway you intend to take, would you still travel it? Would you want to see how far you can go before you get to a life and death situation? I ask because our acknowledgement of God as the Supreme Ruler of the universe yet the […]

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