Are Gay Marriages Equal?

I’ve been challenged to view gay marriage as equal. In fact, all of us have. It’s a politically charged agenda that already has passed the highest level of scrutiny┬áin America- the Supreme Court of the United States. And, take care if you dare not agree with the Supreme Court’s ruling. Your criminal behavior includes such […]

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The Enemy Snuck In

Jon and I had the opportunity to get away last weekend and take in the sights and sounds of D.C. and Baltimore. By sights I mean we had a running date in Georgetown along the Potomac River, and sounds included the amazing talent of our daughter and her peers who participated in the Potomac District […]

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Create, Don’t Copy

Is it just me, or do you also get that “check” within you when we Christians promote our version in response to what people in the world are doing? For instance, the flag. I love the Christian flag and the pledge I recite expressing allegiance to Jesus Christ, but do I now use its image […]

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