Being Intentional at Being One

One thing I know for sure: there is an enemy who hates the unity of the body of Christ. This reality would become a struggle in the Church Age and Jesus knew it, so in His final hours of ministry in the earth, He actually knelt in prayer and asked the Father that we would […]

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A Vision of the Coming Rapture

While seated on the Southern Steps in Jerusalem, I listened to Bishop Clarence E. McClendon’s description of a vision he received from the Lord. It was there in Israel that McClendon¬†knew he was supposed to release the vision- to share the revelation given him from heaven. “Jesus is coming soon!” “I had a prophetic revelation […]

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A Great Harvest Of Souls for the Kingdom of God

I anticipate these final hours of the last days bringing a great harvest of souls for the kingdom of God! We, who walk with the Spirit, see and interpret the signs- Jesus is coming soon. Our witness is more urgent. The increasing persecution has the opposite effect of what is intended: rather than silence the […]

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