Fresh Testimony

I posted this testimony today on Marriage Building Event and thought that you would like it too! Say “yes” to God’s promises! In the words of the blessed woman, Mary, “May it be unto me as you have spoken!” Click here to go to the post.

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We Were Worried About Our Finances

When Jon and I stepped out of the boat of dual incomes to start our family, it hardly seemed like an ideal time to reduce our cash flow! But now that our boy was born, I wanted nothing more than to raise him full-time… We didn’t crunch figures nor wait to see if all the […]

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Did God Really Say…?

I shared a biblical truth on social media- God’s promise of provision and our faith to take hold of it. Matthew 6 states three times to not worry; in other words, stop doubting, He will do this! It’s not even a matter of asking in prayer for your material needs, because the Father in heaven […]

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