Girls Chasing Beauty; Boys Chasing Heroic Strength

Speaking to my church’s youth group a while back, I declared to the young men and women in the room what makes them strong/beautiful. I have a passion for sharing this message because it is so counter-culture to what this world tells them. Propaganda from internet celebrity¬†gossip to most advertising outlets perverts the message of […]

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where’s your focus

Happy start to 2014! Have you made any resolutions for the new year? Do you have a plan to accomplish some goals? Personally, I’m tackling growth goals in every facet of life: spiritual, emotional, physical, and relational. I’m looking forward to jump-starting the plan with a 21-day fast beginning next week. During this time I […]

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who are you listening to?

Oh, I get so frustrated with myself! Why is it after-the-fact that I learn this lesson? What may be okay for one Christian family is not necessarily okay for another. There, I said it! In the Beamer home, we have dealt with the conscience-stricken consequences after making peer-influenced decisions regarding media and other involvements.¬†However, on […]

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