God’s Got This!

Yesterday I shared the amazing way that God proved to us, “I’ve got this!” You can read the post, “We Were Worried About Our Finances” here. Today we’re looking at a promise of God in two different books of the Bible. Again, He desires that we place the fullness of our confidence in Him- He’s […]

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Perfect love empowers us with perfect confidence.

It’s “No Fear Friday,” folks! Fear is a faith inhibitor, so we do not let it take root in our hearts. Let’s pay attention to our thoughts and extract all that have no basis in truth! God bless you and your families! Renee

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light overcomes darkness

Running my favorite trail this past week, I rehearsed my “no fear” mentality as I progressed deeper into the woods and away from neighborhoods and roads. Some people ask me, “You run that trail alone?”  I do run it, but I never consider myself to be alone.  My worship, which is my focus in thought, […]

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