Church Growth

Today I find myself asking, how does a church grow? It’s going to be the focus of this weekend’s guest speaker, Duke Matlock, at Warwick Assembly of God in Hampton, Va and I’m very excited! I do know the answer: a church grows organically. Disciples making disciples. We look for the opportunity to live Jesus […]

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more than a conqueror

Have you ever wondered how the enemy can gain total control over the life of an individual? I know you contemplate such thoughts every time you hear a report of a young student or soldier unleashing violence on his school or work environment. And, with every account of terrorist activity, you cannot fathom how one […]

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when you are the one offended

This seemingly insignificant detail is on the fringes of the well-known story of a wee little man. We don’t normally focus on those who had been cheated by Zacchaeus’ shady practices as a tax collector. No, it seems that his new-found relationship with Christ is front and center in the dramatic telling of a small […]

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