Do Something

I must confess, I have thrown my hands up a few times in shock and dismay. Have we as a nation lost our minds? Last year we learned that taxpayers funded federal grants for Planned Parenthood that totaled $500,000,000 in one fiscal year! This week’s news included a military bulletin that is effective immediately: sex-change operations […]

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Broken Before the Father

His mercy endures. How are we permitted to continue on in this sin-riddled state? His mercy. A friend went to be with the Lord last night. I’m jealous. How I want to be in the pure presence of God Almighty. This world has nothing I desire. But He appoints our seasons, and my season is […]

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A Great Harvest Of Souls for the Kingdom of God

I anticipate these final hours of the last days bringing a great harvest of souls for the kingdom of God! We, who walk with the Spirit, see and interpret the signs- Jesus is coming soon. Our witness is more urgent. The increasing persecution has the opposite effect of what is intended: rather than silence the […]

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