stepping out

Often when I sing and worship along with “I’m Coming Your Way” by Desperation Band, I think of myself in the boat with the disciples on the night Peter stepped out onto the water to meet his Lord.  To calm their fears of a close encounter with a ghost, Jesus assured His friends it was […]

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that’s a lot of fish!

We’re going to wrap up this Emmanuel series and put a bow on it!  It’s Christmas Eve, and I’ve got some cooking to do! 🙂 I began this Emmanuel writing while pondering the repeated occurrences of the disciples’ inability to recognize Jesus after His resurrection.  We first looked at the two men on the road […]

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two men on a road

The One in whom they believed for Israel’s redemption is now gone, dead, and they are left without hope.  Two men, traveling a road in route to Emmaus, are downtrodden with the news that even the body of Jesus is missing. When things look bleak, and our unseen God is apparently nowhere to be found, […]

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