Hide Me

Allow me to invite you into my living room. I want you to hear the sounds I hear and enjoy the sights I see. The finches are busily preparing a nest for their soon-coming family! Their choice spot for shelter- a small area high on the ledge of the back porch. My moss- covered, potted […]

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what I learned today on the running trail

Have you ever noticed how a hilly and wooded trail is such a picture of life? There are ups and downs, twists and turns, closed in spaces and an opening up to a spectacular vista of expansive waterfront. (Sorry! That would be the most magnificent trail that I have the privilege of running! I do […]

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looking for love

For whose commendation are you striving?  If you are like I am, words of affirmation speak love to your precious heart.  I store away each positive thing spoken to me and guard it like treasure. I think we all like to know that we are pleasing others, but ultimately whom do we aim to please?  Whose […]

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