Make Agreements with Truth

Did you watch the big game yesterday? Really, I don’t know what big game was going on, but it makes me think¬†that if you were to tell your winning team you need them today to go and fight a good battle for the win, they would momentarily pause their raucous celebration, look at you and […]

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The Sound of Heaven

“… the sound of heaven touching earth…” Kim Walker-Smith’s lyrics grab my heart. It’s an undeniable sound- loud, penetrable, stop everything you’re doing and listen sound. I thought about the fact that heaven is not limited to a chronological passage of time… It’s the eternal realm. Reading Revelation 5 again today, I imagine heaven is […]

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Releasing My New Sound

My social media posts from the Holy Land illustrated clearly that my life was wrecked in the supposed tomb of my Lord and Savior. I say¬†supposed because although the site of Jesus’ burial is very likely to be The Garden Tomb location, it cannot be proven because of the mere fact that there is no […]

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