got thankfulness?

We need to honestly ask ourselves, “What has my heart locked up and unable to express praise and thanksgiving?” Am I unsatisfied because my expectations are not being met? Am I steeped in a culture of criticism? Do I view my problems as bigger than my God? For us who are in Christ Jesus, praising […]

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vision check (part 2)

In part 1 of “vision check,” we encountered the rich man who was unable to see Jesus.  He had sight, but it was limited.  He viewed Jesus to be a “good teacher.”  Spiritually, he was blind, and as a result, he chose the temporary riches of this world over the eternal riches of the kingdom […]

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vision check (part 1)

Have you ever had your eyes examined?  I have witnessed eye exams but  have never experienced one.  Today we can do both if we choose to apply God’s Word to our lives. Luke 18 presents us with a contrast of two men taking a spiritual “optical exam.” Verse 18 opens with, “A certain ruler asked […]

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