faith in action

Are you waiting to see how things will turn out? Are there results that you are waiting on? Are you hoping to see a change in a dire situation? Is a crucial area in your life hanging in the balance? I think most people can identify with the state of “wait and see,” but I […]

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unquenchable passion

All I can say is, “Wow!”  This young guy of 18 years has the fire of God within him!  Read and judge for yourself your own pursuit of God’s presence!  I heard Kelsey recite this spoken word that he created at the Potomac District Fine Arts Festival, and I asked for his permission to share […]

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learn to fight

Life can be a struggle.  Sometimes it’s just the nature of circumstances we encounter that we are challenged, but more often than not, we simply endure conflict as we interact with the people in our lives.  Do we know how to engage in a battle of the wills?  Do we know how to handle conflict? […]

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