My Beloved St. John

I keep checking on reports coming out of the U.S. Virgin Islands. I’m so concerned for the people and the economy of St. John. The Caribbean is hurricane haven, so islanders are used to destruction caused by storms, but Irma delivered a crippling punch. The rebuilding process will require much patience. For now, the folks […]

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Happy Thanksgiving! May you enjoy a day immersed in joyful reflection of the goodness of God! Aren’t you thankful to live in a land that values the importance of gratitude? Our national holiday amazes people¬†around the world! Let us not take for granted that America pauses for a day to thank God as we gather […]

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It was a privilege to travel over the holiday with family. We were excited to share with them our most extreme happy place- the island of St. John. A typical vacay in this idyllic spot includes lots of hiking, snorkeling, and time on the beach. The driving on mountainous roads provides plenty of thrills, not […]

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