The Power Circuit

There’s power infusing your mind, emotions, spirit and body! That power source serves as a catalyst for life or destruction. Let’s judge for ourselves, because if we hooked up to the wrong circuit, we have an opportunity to change it. You and I have one of two motivating forces within: either the perfect love of […]

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fearlessly face 2015

Yesterday was Cyber Monday, and I hope you secured some awesome deals! Are you making a dent in your Christmas shopping list? Maybe you’re like me and waiting to get started! Well, there seems to be much readiness for the celebration of Christmas! I loved my husband’s post on Facebook last night, so I must […]

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the promise of success

Have you ever sat still before the Lord and asked a life-defining question such as, “God, why am I here?” “God, what purpose do You have for my life?” These are questions God loves to answer. Some of you have heard His answer, and you’re walking it out. Some have heard but are afraid to […]

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