100-Day Identity Makeover: Day 28

Day 28 You Are Co-Heir with Christ (Romans 8:17) Yesterday’s post included powerful insight regarding your identity as an heir of God. You can read it here. Today we inspect the conditional clause that the Holy Spirit inspired Paul to include with the identity trait, co-heir with Christ. “Now if we are children , then […]

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Are You Allowing Illegitimate Suffering into Your Life?

There is a delusion in this world, and its message is the fight remains incomplete. Many have bought into it and want to be champions for having won the fight. Glory to man! I’m not buying it. In fact, when I saw the message, “Finish the fight” on a tee-shirt last summer, I started worshiping […]

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what was Jesus’ secret?

The Lord impressed upon me the goal to memorize Romans 8 at the beginning of 2013. Little did I know that I would gain a life-changing teaching through it. Tucked in the very middle of the passage, the Spirit-inspired truth of my status in Christ causes me to live from a new perspective. Now if […]

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