This Life Is an Adventure!

“Mom, we saw lots of healing miracles last week at youth camp. There was one camper…” Okay, in my world, this makes for exciting conversation! I love to see my heavenly Father at work. In truth, the Holy Spirit is always present, always speaking, and always looking for open hearts through which He may reveal […]

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The Heavens Pour Forth Speech

  Father in heaven, the heavens declare Your glory; You are the Creator and Sustainer of all things. How can I not give You my yes? I surrender my life to Your will today.

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God and man

How you and I relate to God says much about the quality of life we experience in the here and now; however, more importantly, it indicates the outcome of our lives after we take our last earthly breath. To have relationship with the Creator seems inconceivable; still, He invites us to have all of Himself […]

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