What Is Your Sense of Safety on a Scale of 1 – 10?

I caught a short news segment this morning about the Super Bowl preparations this week in Houston, and safety is the buzz word. Isn’t safety a concern¬†every day and everywhere? While terror threatens people all around the world, we look for ways to promote our personal and communal security. As soon as my family and […]

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The America I Want

Friends, We have taken the bait and we’ve become divided as a nation. God help us and heal us because we are weak in our distorted viewpoint. The America you want is not the America you see, OR the America you want is on the horizon. While one laments, another rejoices. There’s only one common […]

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This is the Day in Which We Live

I watched the Oscars last night with my daughter, Jordan, and I confess, I was only engaged for the fashion feast! Well, I took an interest in a couple of awards. Jordan celebrated the Big Hero 6 Best Animated Film award. That was one nominated film that we saw and enjoyed. Actually, she watched it […]

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