The Love Triangle Book

What makes marriage work? The answer appears to be hidden from countless couples that find it impossible to keep their covenant of love. Today, one out of every two marriages in America ends in divorce, and the state of the family is in crisis. The rebuilding of the foundational structure of our nation is absolutely essential, and it must begin within the home. The Love Triangle exposes God’s design for marriage as detailed in Ephesians 5:22-33. Husbands learn what it means to love their wives as Christ loved the Church, and wives understand the importance of submission. To know God’s Word on the subject of marriage is one matter; to live it necessitates the following warning: “Do not miss the symbolism of the wedding ceremony taking place at the altar. Something is about to be sacrificed.”

The Love Triangle explores obstacles in society, self and the spiritual realm that prevent a couple’s intimacy with God and with one another. To stand firm in the face of those challenges is to fulfill the call of God that is specific for the married: “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it” (Genesis 1:28a). It is time for marriages to find healing, unity and this God-defined purpose.

Renee Beamer, founder of Sharing Love and Truth Ministry, writes from her more than 20 years experience of wedded bliss and includes stories from others who also remain strong in their marriages despite the storms of the past. In each account of their struggles to remain faithful, the conclusion leads directly to the heart of God. The Father’s desire to be known more intimately and His presence enjoyed more fully is beautifully portrayed in the unfolding of a “profound mystery” in marriage.

Available at Amazon Books and Barnes and Noble online store.


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